About Maureen “MO” Gilmer

For the past thirty years Maureen “Mo” Gilmer has lived and breathed horticulture and landscape design. She has risen to the top of gardening media in America through books, television, radio, newspapers and the Internet. Her strong background with landscape architecture firms and then in publishing has brought a distinct vision to all her garden based communications.

     Mo is author of fifteen books on gardening and the environment by major publishing houses including such titles as Gaining Ground, God in The Garden, California Wildfire Landscaping, Water Works, and Rooted In The Spirit.

     Mo writes Yardsmart, a national color newspaper column in its fourth year syndicated weekly by Scripps Howard News Service. Her articles and photography are seen in national magazines including Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Smart Money, Sunset and Garden Design.

     She is host and project designer for the television series, Weekend Gardening on the DIY Network now in its fourth season.

     Major television appearances include; THE VIEW, the TODAY SHOW, the EARLY SHOW and a variety of local news affiliates as well as various cable gardening programs.

     Mo has lectured at Strybing Arboretum, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and The Sacramento Garden Show as well as a variety of educational institutions and groups.

     Mo is currently a member of The Author’s Guild and Garden Writers Association of America.