Does Neem Oil Kill Snails or Slugs?

Many people wish to know whether neem oil works just as effectively on slugs and snails or not. It is a highly effective treatment to ward off and kill all kinds of insects, but it is not clear whether it affects these larger plant-eaters. You may wake up one day to notice that your plants’ leaves are being munched on but may not find any signs of a pest infestation on the foliage.

However, if you continue your experiment and even go so far as to spray these creatures with neem oil directly, you will realize that it’s ineffective. Research suggests that using neem oil to ward off snails and slugs will not produce the desired effects and will fail to kill these leaf munchers.

Let’s explore whether neem oil affects snails or slugs in your garden.

How Effective is Neem Oil Treatment for Snails and Slugs?

Neem oil has been heavily researched for its effects on various garden pests. However, studies are not very conclusive regarding the impact of neem oil on snails and slugs. Regardless, some evidence suggests some noticeable effects when gastropods ingest the oil coatings on garden plants.

Some snails are somewhat repelled by neem oil, but slugs do not exhibit the same behaviors. As far as reproduction activities are concerned, snails and slugs are affected slightly, and their eggs may not hatch due to neem oil exposure. Toxicity levels are minimum to zilch on slugs and only mildly effective on certain species of snails.

Scientific Evidence for Neem Oil Effects on Slugs and Snails

Although studies aren’t conclusive, there is no denying that many researchers have proved that snails and slugs exhibit certain tendencies around neem oil. Let’s explore some evidence for behavioral changes of slug and snail species when exposed to neem oil.

Experiment on Arianta Arbustorum (Snail)

One experiment on a certain snail species made it clear that the Arianta arbustorum did not die due to neem oil exposure. However, when plants were sprayed with neem oil, researchers observed a 75% reduction in snail quantity around the plants compared with unsprayed plants. So, neem oil does affect some snail species by repelling them.

Study Results for Neem Oil Effects on Four Different Snail Species

Neem oil was applied to various garden plants to notice how four different snail species reacted to it. Studies made it clear that these snails were detrimentally affected and experienced increased mortality risk. These results allowed them to declare neem oil as an effective substitute for other insecticides since it is natural and safer.

Research on Derorceras Reticultum (Slug)

As we’ve mentioned, slugs are more resilient to the effects of neem oil than snails. However, this slug species showed zero reactivity to neem oil, meaning it did not harm or repel them. It is worth noting that the active compound in neem oil killed all eggs of the same slug successfully within a day of exposure.

Can You Use Neem Oil to Successfully Reduce Snail and Slug Populations?

One of the best ways to verify the effects of neem oil on snails and slugs is to conduct experiments in your garden. This will provide some insights into their behaviors, allowing you to use your neem oil solution effectively or choose an alternative strategy.

If you’re using neem oil to target garden bugs and pests, you can also notice its effects on snails. Your garden may have a lot of snails targeting your plants, which is why it helps to observe whether neem oil produces a moderate repelling effect on them or not. Although this is not a guarantee, research suggests that many snail species will avoid your garden plants when sprayed with neem oil. Since neem oil also affects egg mortality rates in both slugs and snails, you may see an overall reduction in pests around your plants.

However, it is safe to conclude that there is no meaningful impact on snails and slugs using neem oil. For this reason, consider using other treatment plans if you’re dealing with destructive gastropods in your garden.

Final Verdict

Many snail species are moderately affected by neem oil, causing them to stay away from treated plants. Slugs are highly resistant to the effects of neem oil and do not exhibit any signs of distress. However, studies have concluded that egg mortality rates are higher for gastropods when exposed to neem oil, meaning there is some noticeable impact on their reproduction rates. If you’re looking for an effective treatment solution for reducing the number of slugs and snails in your garden, you can find alternative options online.