The Infinite Dwells Outdoors In Nature and Garden

Whom dost thou worship in this lonely dark corner of a temple with doors all shut? Open thine eyes and see thy God is not before thee! He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and where the pathmaker is breaking stone… Meet him and stand by him in toil and sweat of thy brow. –Rabindranth Tagore, Giotanjali, 1913 God is in the field, in the garden, in the meadow, and in the woods. He is everywhere: in the sun and the moon, in the wind and the ice and the winter barren trees. Though temples and churches have their place, the great apparitions of gods and goddesses have occurred in in nature, not indoors. This alone should speak volumes about the value of spending time in the garden to renew the soil. For there, as tiller, path maker, and laborer, we are blessed.