Herb Container Gardening Ideas

Starting your herb garden isn’t that hard. Sometimes, you just need a pot and container to get started with your herb garden.

Today, we’ll list down some of the coolest kitchen herb garden ideas for you to check out.

You can start growing herbs in containers without any hassle! Plus, you can always style your pot and container according to how you want it.

Keep reading this article for a new idea to come your way. And by the end of this, you can grow herbs in a pot with no problem!

Herb Container Ideas

There’s a ton of herb container for your gardens.

You’ve got your basic pot, planters, and more!

Plus, you can even be resourceful with choosing your pot and DIY it! In this herb garden article, we want you to learn a lot.

And, the best part of it all is you won’t be needing any fancy materials or equipment for your kitchen herb garden.

You might even have some of the materials available at home from your other DIY projects.

Beginner Herb Garden

If you’re new to growing herbs at home, you’ve come to the right place. Starting your herb garden doesn’t have to be complicated.

The beauty of this DIY project is that you can do it right in the comfort of your own home. You can leave the pot and planters right by your windowsill! Growing herbs in pots have never been easy!

Starting With the Basics

To start you off, we want you to prepare the materials you want to use. This means choosing your herb container and herbs to plant.

You can choose just about anything for your herb garden planters.

However, make sure that whatever pots and containers you choose have drainage holes. This is a common rookie mistake that can ruin your gardening project!

The next thing you want to prepare is your potting mix. Make sure it’s the right kind of soil for your herbs. As much as possible, you want your soil to be rich in all the good stuff for your herbs to thrive.

And finally, the most important thing is your actual herbs. There’s a ton of herb plants you can choose from. You’d be surprised with the number of herbs in pots that grow successfully!

For beginners, we recommend going for the basic culinary herbs: basil, parsley, thyme, sage, mint, oregano, among others. They’re handy in the kitchen and easy to plant.

You can choose between getting the herbs as seeds, or as fresh herbs ready for transplanting.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve got all your materials down, it’s time to get started with your container herb garden.

Start by placing your potting soil in the container. Don’t fill it to the brim and leave about a 2-inch gap from the top. Using a spoon or your fingertips, dig a 2-inch hole for your seeds or freshly cut herbs.

Gently place the seeds or fresh herbs, making sure to leave enough space for the roots to grow.

Cover the hole and moisten the soil with water. And voila, you’re done! Watch your container herb garden flourish!

Limited Space Herb Garden

If you don’t have a ton of garden space, you can still utilize the small space you have to plant your herbs. Truth be told, you don’t need a ton of space for your herb garden.

Instead, all you’ll need is some creative ideas to get started.

One of the best ways to utilize your garden space is by building a spiral herb garden. It’s become a handy solution for people with limited garden space.

Do note that you’ll need to pay close attention to the sun requirements of your plants. If it requires full sun, then don’t mix in herbs that don’t require too much sun exposure and vice-versa.

Preparing the Bare Necessities

Starting your very own spiral herb garden is pretty easy, you can even make it as one of your DIY projects!

Now, do note that you won’t be needing pots and containers for this one. Instead, you’ll rely on rocks, sprigs, and soil for this one.

Here are some of the materials you’ll need.

  • Limestone – this is important for creating the base of your spiral. It should be about 2-3 inches thick to make the whole structure stable.
  • Soil – choose a soil that has a ton of nutrients for your herbs.
  • Herbs – there’s a handful of herbs to choose from. With the size of herb spiral gardens, you can plant as many herbs as you want. You can choose from lemon balm, basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, you name it!
  • Landscape design – look for ideas on how you want your garden spiral to look like. You can place it beside your flower garden, right next to your kitchen door, and more!

Building Your Herb Spiral Garden

This idea is a great space saver device for your garden. Plus, it adds a curb appeal to your garden!

Choose an area in your garden where you want to make the spiral. Draw a circle around it and mark the middle portion with a pole.

Start by placing the limestones on the outer corners of your design. Slowly build your way up, making sure that the bottom is stable and secure. Continue piling your limestones until you’ve made your whole structure.

Remember, leave an empty portion in your spiral garden for where you’ll put the soil.

Cover the empty spaces with soil and start planting your seeds or fresh herbs. Always leave enough spaces for the plants to grow, and roots to spread out.

The crucial aspect of this project is keeping in mind the sun requirements of your herbs and where to place them.

What Herbs Should You Plant in Your Herb Garden?

There are different herbs you can use for your container herb garden.

Luckily, most herbs are easy to grow and don’t require too much maintenance. But one thing’s for sure, you need to at least show your container herb garden some love.

Choosing which herbs to grow can be tricky. With such several herbs to choose from, what should you choose? Well, we’ve listed down some of the best herbs you can grow in a container garden.


Undeniably, basil is among the most popular herbs to grow.

Basil herbs are used for a lot of dishes, thanks to their delicious flavors. This is why if there’s one herb out there that should be a herb garden staple, it’s basil.

Luckily, basil is very easy to grow. However, do note that basil tends to be a little picky with where they grow.

Basil requires warm soil and temperature. That said, basil can’t tolerate extremely cold temperatures. Luckily, you can place your basil container herb garden indoors to keep it warm.

One more thing you need to know about basil is that they are great companion plants. They naturally repel insects and help other plants grow.


The great thing about planting mint herbs is that they thrive in nearly all conditions you place them in.

Whether you plan to put it in your indoor kitchen herb garden or outdoor container herb garden, your mint leaves will live.

You can leave in a pot by your patio, on your deck, and many more. You’ve got nothing to worry about with your mint leaves.


Another popular herb is oregano, which is pretty easy to grow for your herb garden.

You can place them in a pot or a container, and they’ll sure strive and grow. Oregano is a very versatile plant and it requires zero to little maintenance requirements.

Plus, Oregano has a ton of medicinal properties for you to enjoy! It’s a great alternative to your prescription medicines.


Rosemary and thyme are two herbs that somehow resemble each other. Don’t mistake the two in your herb garden! But a closer evaluation of its flavors, thyme and rosemary are pretty different.

We love rosemary herbs because of their intense flavors. And it’s different from what thyme tastes like. A little rosemary goes a long way, and it can definitely up your dishes in no time.

Besides its awesome flavor profile, rosemary comes with a ton of health benefits you need to check out!


Thyme is an easy to plant herb. You can place them in a pot and it’ll strive under any condition you place it in.

But in general, thyme loves being under the sun. It thrives in dry and sunny conditions, so we recommend placing your pot under direct sunlight.


Parsley is among the most popular herbs for making salads, soups, and sauces. You use them nearly all year round, which is why it isn’t a bad idea at all to grow them in a pot or container!

Growing parsley herbs is also relatively easy because you can place its pot both indoors and outdoors. Just a tip, if you plan to grow your parsley indoors, place the pot beside a sunny window.


For many years, sage herbs have been a popular herb for their medicinal properties. It helps relieve sore throat, coughs, and many more! Besides that, sage is also a delicious herb you can plant almost anywhere.

Sage thrives in almost all settings. You can place them in your deck, patio, or in a pot by your window. It will survive! And once you’ve successfully grown sage, you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious container herb all year round.



There you have it, folks! We’ve shared with you the different tips and ideas for growing herbs at home. You can start your very own herb garden in no time!

Whether you’re trying to grow herbs in pots or containers, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Gardening can be such a breeze if you’re doing it the right way and following the best tips.

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