Horticultural Speaker Informs and Entertains Garden Events

The art of entertaining education should apply to the horticultural world as it does elsewhere.  The problem is that plant people aren’t often good communicators, and they struggle to share their life long knowledge with others. 

This lack of good presentation is matched by TV garden show “talking head” hosts who can read a teleprompter but have little real world horticultural knowledge or experience.  While name recognition from television may help an event’s notoriety, it does little for the audience which must sit through a rambling talk. 

I have always made it a goal to give my audiences tangible ideas and tips they can take home and use.  This is what a speaker is paid for – to give all he or she can to those who take the time to attend an event.  But in the process of delivering real information you must make it fun, personal and interesting too.  Overly scripted talks are just that…scripted.  Those lacking drop dead gorgeous visuals are reduced to a dry speech. When you want your visitors or attendees to share a lasting experience, the right speaker, topic and delivery style are essential.

As garden events are being planned for next spring, consider a qualified, professional speaker who can bring quality content to your audience.  With lavish PowerPoint photography and a broad range of topics from minimalist modern to lush romantic cottage gardens, my photo archive will wow the viewers. More practical presentations to fire or flood ravaged communities add civic benefit as does a strong landscape architectural approach to community-wide green living and design.


Whether you are planning a garden show, a community day or selecting specific educators to create topics for your institution, consider our services. 

I am accepting dates for the 2008 garden season and will be happy to create a specialized program for your audience, event, company or charity.  With experience, national reputation and an immense photo archive, there’s no reason to settle for a talking head or a dull horti-holic when you can inform and entertain in glorious color.

Contact:  Mo Gilmer (760) 320-6753  mo@moplants.com

Recent speaking engagements:

  • Garden show judge: Northwest Garden Show, Seattle, 2007
  • Independent Garden Center Show, (trade) Chicago 2007
  • Portland Garden Show, Portland 2007
  • Boise Garden Show, Idaho, 2007
  • San Francisco Garden Show 2006