Mini Potted Landscape Gardens for Apartment Dwellers

For cash strapped apartment dwellers, a new form of miniature garden combines Japanese bonsai and Chinese penjing into a new American art.  Two Green Thumbs Garden Center creates this fun and charming way to capture larger gardens at pint size for pennies on the dollar.

mini garden 2.jpg

A mini Stonehenge, park benches and pebble paving illustrate easy to create gardens for balcony, fire escape and window sill. 

Their display at the Northwest Garden Show demonstrated how this whole idea works.  To me I see it in its infancy and as the trend spreads across our urban world the options and diversity will blossom with new applications.  Heavy Asian pots with thick walls allow artists to create mosaics of paving as simple to make as a trivet, allowing the soil area to be broken up with graphic surfacing.  Adding mosses and pint sized furniture lends a truly gardenesque feel to these table top landscapes.

Utilizing pebbles, mortar and edging, this diagonal paving strip turns a square pot into a graphically pleasing composition.

Planting for these gardens is divided between smaller succulents and dwarf conifers.  Utilizing moss and dwarf evergreens such as tiny berry laden cotoneaster as well as virtually all bonsai candidates gives a diverse palette.  Since this gardening art is in its infancy, there’s no end to what you can dream up. Explore the doll house furniture at your local crafts store for mini items to decorate your garden.  Keep in mind that anything glued together will eventually fall apart from the moisture.  Use only plastic or well made items that you can remove when you water and replace afterwards. 

This is the brain child of the folks at Two Green Thumbs Garden Centers.  Log on to learn more, see more and get a ton of ideas for your project.

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