Quick and Easy Topiary For Your Garden

Now you don’t have to wait years to have large topiaries in your yard. Using wire forms pre-packed with moss and potting soil you can enjoy this age old garden art form in this year’s summer garden. A single piece can make an incredible change. Check out what we did on my TV show, Weekend Gardening. Thanks to Green Piece Wire Art, we were able to transform a forgotten back alley access to a mother-in-law cottage into an inviting entry. We needed something large enough to draw a visitor down this long narrow path to the end. Such a huge piece of garden art of any size is not only expensive, it’s obscenely heavy! And that means heavy shipping charges too.

The solution was the Green Piece seven foot tall giraffe. It was delivered in two boxes and three easily assembled pieces. Each part of the wire form was pre-packed with soil and lined with spaghnam moss so it looked great as is. Amazingly light weight for its size means that even super large pieces can be delivered via UPS with no specialty shipping required.

Check out Green Piece Wire Art to browse their many forms that you can order to make this year’s garden a virtual green menagerie! http://www.greenpiecewireart.com/index.htm