Recycle Child’s Shoe for Almost Free Mother’s Day Gift

Got old children’s shoes? Looking for a great idea Mom or Grandma will treasure? Try turning ‘em into little planted gems for porch, patio or windowsill. Here’s a green version of the bronze baby shoes that’s easy for Dads to make for kids or whole classes in school. Save the charm of those little ones by planting with mini-succulents! Just poke holes in the sole for drainage, fill with potting soil and plant succulents into the top. Because succulents aren’t watered so often the shoes hold up forever. Canvas tennies like these can go through the wash cycle so they’ll hold up just as well as a planter. Shop for the smallest and cheapest succulents you can find at the garden center. Remove soil from the roots so they fit into smaller spaces. Try patent leather party shoes for an upscale look or tiny brown leather boots for eco-natural. It’s a no-brainer gift that costs just pennies. Let these shoes of life and love become recycled as part of her everyday world, at the office, in a nursing home or to greet her each morning in a sunny bathroom window.