Transform Garden Walls With Bold Paint

I believe in paint.  It’s cheap.  It makes huge changes in a matter of hours.  Paint is the poor garden maker’s Yellow Brick Road to bold, beautiful spaces.

dooorway 3.JPG

Why is it that we are so afraid of color?  I suspect it’s all about our mothers who warned us from an early age to avoid garish hues that might suggest one is cheap or tawdry and perhaps….dare I say it….ethnic!  If you look back in the first half of this past century you’ll see that homes and interiors were hopelessly bland.  The post war uniformity of dress and dwelling took all the individuality out of homesite hues.

bright blue wall.JPG

But we know that color influences the psyche.  It brightens the mood on a less than sunny day.  Such splashes of color defy the cold hard urban environment.  They taunt the world to rejoice and celebrate. 


For those in apartments, small urban homes, townhouses or just a spatially challenged bungalow, consider spicing up the scene with bold hues, and nobody does it like they do in Latin America.  The Mexicolor Garden (  is without question my favorite book, and you’ll find it proves that you just can’t go wrong with color.  But if you do, the beauty is you can just paint it again and again!

mexicolor garden.jpg