Turn A Desert Dry Wash into A Vegetable Garden

This year I’ve moved to a new desert home! Biggest problem is soil that’s largely sand and lacks organic matter and is not bio-active so I need a POWERFUL amendment. So I’m testing out Black Gold Soil Conditioner to see if it will turn a dry wash into a productive vegetable garden. Water goes straight through this ground so I really depend on the sponge-like humus in Soil Conditioner to catch and hold it in the root zone. The mycorrhizae in this mix, will colonize my soil and enter the roots of my veggie plants to make them more resistant to our dry climate. And to boost this nutrient poor soil, there’s bat quano, worm castings, kelp meal and bone meal. If you’re faced with crummy soil like this head for the Black Gold web site to get off to a good start and find a retail source near you!