Zen Garden Wedding Ideas

The natural beauty of an Asian inspired garden wedding lends a note of serenity to this setting. Simple planting without an abundance of flowers allows you to adapt the yard to this style more easily than with bloom-intensive design styles. Simple ideas from the traditional Japanese garden can help you solve problems. Screen and Background Bamboo fencing is perfect for screening off ugly views of utility areas, neighbor’s house and other backyard elements that don’t blend with your zen theme. It’s also the perfect instant background material to give your focal point for taking vows a sense of enclosure with eastern flare. For details on how to create screens and backgrounds for your backyard wedding landscape, download our free e-book: Backyard Wedding Makeover at http://www.moplants.com/e-books.php Path To Focal Point The combination of moss and flat round stones leads up to the Sapporo pagoda at the Portland Japanese Garden. Use this idea to create a perfect lead up to that focal point where you take your vows using any mat-like groundcover or Irish moss in flats. Surfacing Japanese Style Got a lot of ground to cover and sodding isn’t realistic? Use this Japanese technique of using fine gravel to create the illusion of a pool of water. Add flat-top stones to further the illusion. It’s a surface to walk on for spaces large and small that you can rake into patterns that needs no watering or mowing! Tip: This works for covering up an ugly patio or driveway too.